Technical Support
We are here for you 24hours a day seven days a week when you need assistance with one of our products.

Training for the various PaveSmart products
Setup and operation of the Grade Control on your paver or mill
Now, in addition to offering a full line of products for sale and lease, we also can mobilize to your specific project site and perform any or all the following functions with our qualified PaveSmart personnel:
Onsite technical support for training and job assistance using the Pavesmart system.

Analysis assistance
Analyze collected data to obtain a model to mill or pave with, by working with the surveyor and engineer to achieve what the owner request.

The Pavesmart GCS or the Pavesmart GEN-2 on our shelf ready for purchase.
For smaller projects, we offer a weekly or monthly rate at a very competitive price.
Want to try and use before purchasing? A rental purchase program is available.
We maintain a Parts inventory ready for shipment within 24 hours.
Emergency Repairs we will ship a replacement unit for you to use while we repair your unit if repairable.

Inertial Profile Testing
Data collection (surface deviations and/or cross slope)
Design for smoothness and/or shape correction
DOT compliant inertial profiler for QA/QC smoothness testing
• Surface profile data complies with DOT/FHWA specifications.
• Calculate areas of localized roughness for corrective work or bonus/penalty results.
•Ride quality data reported under DOT ride quality specifications (IRI, MRI, HRI PRI, RN).
• Fully compatible with ProVal.
• User-selectable data collection and analysis parameters (project details, filtering methods, blanking band, bump/dip templates, etc.).
• Inertial profiling system data combined with slope for 2D survey and corrected GPS for 3D survey.
  • Use collected surface data to analyze existing surface and optimize best fit design.
  • Quickly create a design file with 2D or 3D survey data in conventional survey formats, but with higher resolution.
· Design flexibility-resurvey surface to assess changes as project progress.
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