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Pavesmart Inertial Profiler system combined with Profile Optimization Software and Automated Machine Control
With energy costs skyrocketing, the focus on rehabilitation and new construction of our transportation infrastructure (roads, highways, and airports) requires even more attention by the contractor and engineer to methods and technology available in our industry.

Projects will continue to incorporate stringent specifications and must accommodate the concerns of the general public regarding the projects’ value, cost, durability, and quality.

Smoothness remains the number one criteria in determining a quality pavement.
Today, there are many tools and techniques available within the construction industry to achieve a high-quality end product.

One of these “construction control” tools represents an alternative method to designing, building, and attaining smooth road surfaces that is both unique and efficient.
PaveSmart offers products and services that are both unique and efficient.
Since 2000, PaveSmart has collected over 8500 lane miles of roadway data with our survey profilers and has utilized this data to design the roadway in order to correct longitudinal profile smoothness, correct cross-slope, and determine yield.
•PaveSmart newest upgraded survey Profiler/Design unit for road projects where elevation is not required-providing line of best fit.
· Our wide beam lasers modules are mid-mount and located in the wheel path for best use on asphalt or concrete pavements
· The system measures at the most stable point of vehicle’s suspension - between the wheel-base. The system produces the most accurate and repeatable surface profile data.
· We offer a GPS system with in-vehicle accuracies between 0.3 and 5 feet (0.1 - 3 meters).
Ride quality data reported under DOT ride quality specifications (IRI, MRI, HRI PRI, RN).
· User-selectable data collection and analysis parameters (project details, filtering methods, blanking band, bump/dip templates, etc.). Fully compatible with ProVal.
· Precisely calculate areas of localized roughness for corrections or bonus/penalty results.
· On-screen GPS navigation along profile data.
Profiling system complies with AASHTO/ASTM standards
Surface profile data complies with DOT/FHWA specifications
Multiple export formats:  PNEZD, PLLHD, Excel, CSV, ERD/PPF & PDF