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As rehabilitation and new construction of our transportation infrastructure (roads, highways, and airports) continues to
grow, the focus on Quality Assurance/Quality Control projects heightens within the construction industry.  Projects
incorporate increasingly more stringent specifications and must accommodate concerns of the general public regarding
the projects’ value, durability, and quality. Today, there are many tools and techniques available within the
construction industry to achieve a high-quality end product. One of these “construction control” tools represents an
alternative method to designing, building, and attaining smooth surfaces that is both unique and efficient. 
Airfield construction and reconstruction of runways and taxiways present particular concerns where closing
areas for work translates into thousands of dollars of lost revenue; consequently, much of this type of work is
performed under restricted work hours for the contractor (i.e., nights, weekends, etc.). Controlling the grade to achieve
smoothness and accuracy of depth (elevations) on airfield projects such as these has traditionally been a cumbersome
endeavor ….. Conventional methods such as setting string line, manually adjusting thickness, averaging beams, and
laser systems have all been employed with varying results. Smoothness and accuracy can now be achieved consistently
through integrating PaveSmart technology to the paving and milling operations.