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The system can be used on airport and road projects that have smoothness and variable depth pave/cut to grade requirements. The Grade Control System offers distinct advantages to the engineer and/or contractor on any project requiring smooth, variable depth paving or milling. The unit adapts to any paver or planer that has electric/hydraulic control, eliminates string line setup to pave, allows asphalt to be placed accurately (+/- 1/8 inch), increases productivity, and is far less costly to use versus conventional methods. To illustrate, survey data can be input into the Grade Control System for a 10,000 foot runway before 2 men can setup string line for paving over a 200 foot distance. The system is offered for sale or for lease, and includes training. Thicknesses are input to the system directly from either spreadsheet or from design via the Survey Profiler.
If your company is involved in variable depth paving or milling, the new grade control system from PaveSmart will be of interest to you. With the ability to control ‘depth of paving’ or ‘thickness to be cut’ on both sides of the machine, the PaveSmart grade control provides an affordable way of meeting contract level tolerances and smoothness requirements.  Why accept smoothness and density inaccuracies of the ‘averaging beam’? PaveSmart will help you achieve tolerances, density, maintain smoothness, and ‘save you money’……
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